Frequently Asked Questions

What about data security ?

To ensure the security of customer data throughout its lifecycle, datapipe encrypts information both at rest and when it is in motion (HTTPS). datapipe uses server-side encryption with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt your data at rest. datapipe never sells your data, neither shares your data to 3rd party services or company. We generates revenue from subscription plans and not from selling your data.

What is the technology behind your service ?

At a minimum we use Node.JS and a bunch of Amazon Web Services technologies. Checkout our techology stack at

Do I need credit card to use the Free plan ?

No. We do not require any payment details for the Free plan.

How do you handle online payment ?

We use Stripe as our payment and credit card processor. We don’t keep your credit card details, EVER. All our credit card processing is securely handled using an encrypted HTTPS connection by

What are the API "quotas" and "limits" ?

  • Limit - Number of requests per month resets every 1st day of a month.
  • Quota - After exceeding the 100% limit, your requests will not be executed. Any API request will return a status code of 429.

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If you cant' find what you're looking for, drop us an email Thank you.

Do you provide uptime/downtime monitoring for your APIs ?

Yes we do. Check our status page

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