Data and Security

We only ask for your name and email when you signup with us and store it in our database. We don't store any of your bank and other credit card details, Stripe Inc our payment processing platform handles all the security and fraud detection.

We use  Amazon Web Services , as of 2019 AWS has 22 distinct geographical locations. datapipe has  4 default regions giving you the flexibility in selecting the endpoint that is closest to your target users.

Continuous Monitoring
Data Privacy
datapipe default regions

Data storage uses Amazon's fully-managed service to continuously audit, asses, and monitor potential security  weaknesses.

To address regulatory requirements, user contents at rest will stay within its region and availability zones.

Data stored on disk uses Server-Side Encryption with Amazon-Managed keys. It uses the strongest block ciphers available, AES-256 - to encrypt your data.

Data Protection
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